Madden NFL 2018 is the new delivery of the American football simulator of Electronic Arts, the sport king in the United States and that increasingly generates more followers in Spain.

Although you earn the aforementioned Level Master Packs through playing Solo Challenges and levelling up, you can also earn coins through the same Solo Challenges. Why would you want to prioritise earning coins over everything else? Well, coins are the key to success in Madden 18 Ultimate Team, as you can use them to not only bid and purchase players on the MUT market, but you can also purchase select Ultimate Team card packs with coins.

As boring as it may sound, your best bet for earning coins as you soon as you start Ultimate Team is to simply complete all the tutorials you're given. In less than 20 minutes you can earn 3500+ coins through solo challenges and tutorial objectives, which is enough to buy a Silver Player Pack, netting you 4 Silver or better player cards right away. 

Outside of this, there's an objectives screen within Ultimate Team, which you can see just below, that will reward you with coins for completing certain tasks. There are four objectives in the list below, which include 'win 2 games' and 'complete a set' in the item binder, and you can bag yourself 3,000 coins if you complete the list before 5am EST each day.

Buy players on Saturday morning when everyone is typically ripping through packs and flooding the auction house, then sell these players in the middle of the week when they're more expensive. As we mentioned earlier, completing Longshot allows you to take on the Longshot solo challenges, which can reward you with both coins and players. 

Notice that never buy packs with coins - it's always better to save your coins for the most ideal players that are in the auction house. Player counts drop hard around midnight/1am, and it's here that you can usually find some quality players going for cheaper than they normally would do. Always keep the sets in mind, as these can be completed with cards you no longer use for some good players and a decent amount of coins.

Buy up Special Events player (Most Feared, Thanksgiving, Winter) when they're cheap, and sell them for huge profits when their corresponding event kicks off. If you've got packs saved up, or if you're thinking about purchasing some, it's best to wait until Team of the Week and 24 Hour players go live around Thursday.

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